Drive value INTO your parking property 

With REEF Parking, you get access to technology solutions and add-on services that increase revenue and improve customer experience.

Provide a frictionless customer journey

We provide a range of technology solutions that improve customer experience across every interaction in their parking journey.

Over 60 years of parking experience

Impark, Lanier and Republic Parking are part of REEF, the largest, most-experienced parking network in North America.

Increase revenue with add-on services

Turn your property into a multi-use space with turnkey services like EV-charging, bike racks and more.


Free Flow Access

Simplify your operation with license plate recognition technology that instantly read license plates at both gated and gateless parking facilities.

Contactless Valet

SMS and ticketless valet increase revenue, track your valet metrics and impress your customers.

Mobile Payments

Empower your customers to find and pay for parking with one of the App Store’s most popular parking apps.


REEF combines the expertise of some of the most renowned parking operator groups.


Tell us more about your property

What to expect


Exploratory Call

Turn your property into a multi-use space with turnkey services like EV-charging, bike racks and more.


Customized Proposal

We’ll tailor our solutions and services to your property, based on location, size and goals, to increase your property value.


Operational Plan

A detailed look at your new REEF Parking operation and how it will increase your asset’s value.


Customized Parking Management 

Let us handle all daily operational aspects of your parking facility with your dedicated REEF account manager. 

Upgraded Valet Services

Upgrade your property’s valet service with end-to-end management, including staffing and technology to streamline operations. 

Customer Experience Excellence

Oversee your property with our off-site command centers to provide in-the-moment support to customers. 

Shuttle Service

Offer branded shuttle buses that take your customers to and from remote parking locations and high-profile pickup points.

Security Services

On-site security, mobile patrol, trained residential ambassadors and first-class technology create a full-service security program.

Event Management

Our streamlined parking solutions can be tailored to stadiums, arenas and other large-scale venues to make the most out of big events.

EV Charging & Bike Racks

We handle everything from permitting and setup to staffing and operations, while you collect $$$ for each application activated.

Multi-Use Applications

REEF is the only parking partner that can turn your property into a multi-use space, adding value to your asset. 

Customized Parking Management 

Upgraded Valet Services

Customer Experience Excellence

Shuttle Service

Security Services

Event Management

EV Charging & Bike racks

Multi-Use Applications

Trusted by the Best

You’ll be in good company, with dozens of properties added every month.

Brickell City Centre

Brickell City Centre, located in Miami, Florida, joined the REEF Network in 2022 with REEF Valet and Parking Management Services as well as ARCS and traffic light technology solutions.


Over the past 12 years, REEF has overseen 150+ employees and 8,500 stalls, serving the Mets, US Open and the site of the 1962 World’s Fair at Flushing Meadows Park.

Duke University Hospital 

REEF Parking partners with Duke University Hospital for over 5 years, parking 1000+ cars a day, with 125+ employees at 6 points of entrance across the campus.